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Past Episodes

E-Tool Nation Podcast

Are you ready to join us for our E-Tool Nation Podcast? Join in the NO BS conversation with these GREAT Leaders as they are joined by special guests each week, speak the TRUTH about serving, transitioning, what you don’t know about VA Benefits and more! With a strong focus on PME Hard – they share their tips and tricks on staying Physically, Mentally and Emotionally ready. Hosted by SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell who served for 38 years in the U.S. Army and Retired as a top Senior Enlisted Advisor to all U.S. Armed Forces, and SFC(R) Ryan Hendrickson who served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force.

Featuring SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell and  SFC(R) Ryan Hendrickson and a new guest monthly!


John & Ryan

SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell

U.S. Army, Retired

SFC(R) Ryan Hendrickson